The Perfect Privacy Solution

We are glad to present the best mail solution ever!

Sofia Mail provides a set of innovative and exclusive services. In few minutes and with a single access: send mails in anonymous way, using fake and unreachable domains, sending all over the world without using your identity, but not only!

Sofia Mail can be handled by smartphone, tablet, pc, and can be reached by our proxy domains. You can use it to simply login your account (and select how to send/receive your emails) or as domain extension for your outgoing email. with a single click you'll be able to switch between real identities or fake ones.


Multiple Identities, with a single access

Sofia System will provide the highest security and privacy standard

Our Mail System will provide a set of pre-set identities. You can select between a range of domains, real or fake, and/or create your own. Even if you will use a fake or proxy domain, you will always be able to send mails all over the world: for the receiper you will appear like user@domain.onion/i2p/anon or whatever you want!


Extreme Portability

An incredible portability, including the highest security standard ever!

You can use Sofia Mail by your computer, or using our app for android. Apps and Clients optimized for all devices: pc, tablet, smartphones. All of them ready to access your favourite proxy: tor, i2p or ECnet. WebMail, SMTP/IMAP servers available under www, tor, i2p, or ECnet.! What else?


Sofia Mail System in 6 points

Why you should use our Mail Solution for you, your team and your company?

Reduce your security costs

Sofia System is very cheap and will effectively reduce your investment in data security

Use it for ADS and mass mailing

You can use a professional tool for your ads mails and mass mailing without the risk to see your accounts blacklisted

WorldWide Leaders in Cyber-Sec

We are worldwide leaders in cyber-security. You can count on a professional team ready to enlist all your needs and requests

Communicate in the safest scenario

Sofia Mail build for you and your team a safest and locked system for internal communications

Total Customization of the service

For special needs, our team is able to set up a fully customized and exclusive server for you and your company!

Count on the highest security standards

By using Sofia System you will always be able to count on the best and highest security standard.