How to Activate an Account

The Following will show you plans and way to activate Sofia Mail

Information about Sofia Mail

Sofia Mail System provides a web interface and an Android App. It uses clear connections and proxy. This include not only the opportunity to use the proxy, but, when possible, it includes also server for connections. Webmail/SMTP and IMAP server are provided in clearweb format, Tor Hidden Service, I2P tunnel and ECnet domain.

Our solution provides also the opportunity to change identity everytime you want, it comes with a pre-set range of real and fake domains, all included (you don't have to choose wich one to activate, will all at your disposal). Have you never send an email to Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook or any other clear web mail service using a tor hidden service (ex: user@e3qixnonjb76zovy.onion) as sender mail address? With Sofia Mail this is possible!

Plans and Pricing

We don't have an official pricing list, because the different and highest number of possibility that this kind of service can offer. So, before to ask for how much does it costs, it's recommended to talk with us, talk about your needs and study togheter a plan. Generally we accept as payment method: Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoins. Contact us if you're interested in Sofia Mail. What we are capable:

  • Activate single account for private use
  • Create plans for teams, with specific needs
  • Create your own mail server, with unlimited accesses
  • Customize domains, clients and apps
  • Provide Support to our services and products 24/7

Do you want activate a Sofia Mail Account? In our store we have few offers but are related only for single activation. If you plan to use Sofia Mail for you and your team or company, we strongly invite you to contact our Staff. If you're interested in activate an account only for you, we invite you to enter our store:

Activate a Sofia Mail Account

Sofia Mail System Allowed Domains

This is the list of domains available (all in one) if you activate a Sofia Mail Account